Exchange your Email Client with the help of Gladwev’s Email Migration Tool!

Email migration is not just limited up to shifting of OLM emails into Apple Mail, but it also involves moving of contacts, calendar items, notes, journals, attachments, images, and non-English content as well. If you want to change your email client from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail, then you have to convert all these items from OLM to MBOX, and for this task, you need a useful tool. OLM Converter Pro by Gladwev Software is the best way out to exchange email client because it can export OLM to MBOX emails along with the data mentioned above. Your principal objective of email migration will fulfill by this tool as it shifts the entire emails in less time and displays location of emails and data in the Apple Mail mailbox.

Utilizing convert OLM to MBOX Mac tool is essential as a general rule because you cannot move your emails with any other procedure. Though you can switch to manual conversion method but it will not be a wise decision for you. Therefore you have to employ an automatic third party tool to convert OLM to MBOX Mac data with accuracy and safety so you can obtain this tool from the Gladwev Company and start merging your emails to Apple Mail. After completing the process of email migration, you can access your emails in the Apple Mail email client successfully.

Export OLM to MBOX tool assures precision during data transfer:

olm to mbox conversion

The accuracy of data while shifting from one email client to another is an essential requirement for every Mac Outlook user, and it is also useful for the safety of data. You can choose the email migration tool of Gladwev to import OLM to MBOX data because it assures you to deliver safe and accurate email conversion and quickly move your data from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail. It will always preserve hierarchical structure of OLM data and move it into Apple Mail in the serial order. By utilizing this tool to import OLM to MBOX data you do not have to manage your files manually as it will automatically store them in the right sequence so you will get an organized email conversion.

Try out the trial version of Gladwev’s tool to convert OLM to MBOX Mac free of charge:

The Gladwev’s email migration tool is also available in the trial version to convert OLM to MBOX Mac free of charge from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail. It is available online at the Gladwev’s website so you can download this version on your PC or laptop and move ten OLM emails per folder from OLM to Apple Mail. You can operate this version to get demonstration for shifting OLM files and also move a limited amount of data from one email client to another. Running free version will help you to evaluate the quality of paid version, and you can also get self-guidance to move your data without making an error. After complete training, you can choose a significant amount of date for moving with the paid version.

Convert OLM to MBOX Data



OLM Converter Pro for Automatic and Straightforward Email Migration!

In this article, you will get to know about two different methods of email migration which can support you to change email client. The first method is the manual technique of email migration. It is the traditional form of OLM to MBOX conversion, and by choosing this technique you do not need a third party email converter, but it is a time-consuming method because you have to choose OLM emails manually and convert them to Apple Mail. With the manual conversion, you can also increase the risk of data loss and damage, and it even leaves some data un-converted in the Outlook Mac mailbox so it will be good to avoid this method of OLM to MBOX conversion.

Another technique is automatic email migration which is popular in the present time and much effective than the manual procedure. You can conduct automatic email migration with a third party tool of Gladwev Software which is known as OLM Converter Pro. With this tool, you do not have to pick data manually as the tool will automatically convert OLM to MBOX data from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail and complete the process within a few minutes. It runs automatically for Mac and moves entire OLM data with express speed. So you can get this tool from Gladwev and start exporting your data from one email client to another.

Bulk email conversion is possible with OLM to MBOX converter:


When it comes to moving OLM data in massive quantity, then the standard technique of email conversion will not help you. However, on the other hand, if you convert OLM to MBOX data with an automatic converter, then you can quickly move your emails from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail in the bulk quantity. The OLM to MBOX converter will move 300000 OLM emails in the single operation so you can get the ease of converting large data by operating this tool for Mac. It will also deliver you fast email conversion so you can also shift your data from OLM to MBOX in short period.

You can also run this tool to move large message attachments from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail inbox along with embedded images and nested messages. It will prove a handy tool for you because you can use it for the lifetime for unlimited email conversions without paying any renewal charges to Gladwev. You will also get free updates from the Gladwev regarding configuration and up-gradation of the tool.

OLM to MBOX email converter for moving non-English content without any issues:

Moving non-English content with Gladwev’s email converter is easy and straightforward because it supports the Unicode content. Whether you have OLM emails stored in the mailbox in Spanish language or having the double-byte character such as Japanese and Chinese languages you can move them without any obstacle with full speed from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail. You can also move calendar items, journals, and contact lists along with the OLM data during conversion and save them in relevant folders in the Apple Mail.

Convert OLM to MBOX

Gladwev OLM to PST Converter Ultimate Brings Best Options for OLM to PST Conversion

Though Software market has flooded with large numbers of Email conversion solutions even then very few numbers of software are available that is professionally developed and versatile enough to tackle the complexities of Email migration. If you wish to convert OLM to PST Format, it is imperative that you take a trail with a free tool before buying the paid version from any brand. A free OLM t PST Converter Ultimate is a good peep into the capabilities, virtues, and vices of any tool. So, try a tool right away and make sure you to try the best, the safest and the fastest OLM to PST converter from Gladwev Software. Now, before you do the final conversion with Gladwev OLM to PST Converter Ultimate, it gives you the option of Email conversion with fastest the safest and the most accurate trail version under the sun.

OLM to PST Conversion tool for mac

All you have to do is make a single step download from and get the power to make OLM to PST Conversion most safely and precisely. See why you should go with Gladwev OLM to PST Converter Ultimate:

  • It has Mac Wide Affinity: The Software is compatible with all operating systems of Mac. So, you just have to install it directly on your Mac system and run it without taking tension regarding Mac compatibility.  Most of the similar tools have of very rigid nature as you can’t install and run it on any version of Mac OS. In this way, your time and money get wasted, but by purchasing OLM to PST Converter Software, you will get back the worth of every penny. It will flawlessly run directly on your Mac system without creating any compatibility issues.  The software that is not Mac compatible will stop during conversion progression, but Gladwev Software will not lag even for a minute during migration. The wonderful software will make a pilot conversion as you can shift numerous data from one platform to another in a single shot.
  • It Keeps data absolutely safe and sound: despite being a super fast Email converter, OLM to PST Format converter takes the responsibility of keeping your Mac Outlook data safe and secure in all aspects, before, during and after conversion. There is 0% chance of data corruption or data loss; you will get maximum satisfaction in all respects, as the software will deliver you the quick, safe and adequate result, automatically. No, any limitation exists in this professional multi-talented tool, as it has rigorously tested at each stage of Migration journey.
  • Convert OLM to PST as Free of Cost: before buying the paid and full version of OLM to PST Converter Ultimate you should know the features and benefits that you can reap after purchasing.  For checking the performance and potential of software, you can try the free demo version of OLM to PST Tool. The free demo version can give you safe and secure conversion without any hassle and data loss. This versatile freeware is different from other similar free versions, let’s know in which respects it proves better than other freeware:
  • To enable you to make conclusive analysis, OLM to PST Free Full version convert a considerable amount of data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. It can let you shift:

Convert Ten Email messages with embedded messages and Email attachments.

Ten contacts from Address book or contact list

Convert Ten items from calendar entries.

With the conversion of ten items each folder you can convince yourself for buying the tool for a lifetime period.

The free OLM Converter Pro is available for Mac Users

For email migration from Mac Outlook 2016 to Apple Mail, the Gladwev’s OLM Converter Pro is continuously gaining popularity among the users which can be judged through the frequent recommendations, positive feedbacks, and excellent ratings of the software given by its users on the Web. It is a third-party email migration software which assists users in their email migration process. It is a software made for everyone by which means all kind of users either commercial or individual can go for this tool as it is a fit to all requirements.

Due to the safety measures, OLM Converter Pro it takes care of all kind of data present in the mailbox such as nested files, non-English content files, double-byte character files, calendar events, contacts, drafts, and other relevant data during the process of conversion. It ensures the quality of data, as well as the security of data as losing a single file from the MAILBOX, can lead to a major loss of the business as well as personal relationships.

Export OLM to MBOX on Mac with Easy Way on Mac

To know more about the performance, features, and capabilities of the software, you can download its free version by click here. It is easy to install as well as easy to operate, if you are new to email migration process, you can easily run it as the software itself assist users throughout the installation process as well as OLM to MBOX conversion process.

In addition to the features of the software, one of the major features is it takes a minute to finish the whole conversion process. For proficient users, the Custom-Mode is available so that they can select files of their choice for the conversion. The major benefit of this feature is it decrease the burden of unnecessary files during the conversion.

To keep the requirements of novice users in mind, Gladwev has developed this tool with “Express-Mode” which is an automatic feature of the software. By using this feature of the software, a user can convert his entire OLM data in a few clicks. With Express-Mode, a user has no need to be stuck with the system all through the way of conversion, as the selection of OLM files from the Mac system, and convert them to MBOX everything gets taken care by the software itself. All types of OLM data gets migrated automatically such as Emails, contacts and daily calendar entries, Drafts, Outbox, etc.

OLM to Mac Mail Converter is the Best Tool to export OLM Files on Mac

OLM to MBOX Freeware is a free version of the software which has launched by the company for the users to understand the overall performance of the software. The limited version allows conversion for TEN files per folder from the Mailbox, irrespective the number of folders. It converts files in a short time. The whole features of the professional version of the tool have also provided in this OLM to MBOX Freeware and user can easily check the functionalities including “Express-Mode.” The best part of the free demo version of OLM Converter Ultimate is it doesn’t impose limitations on the size of the files. So, you can easily convert 5GB file during free conversions.

For making the software better and smoother, the Gladwev team of developers provides new updates of the software with required changes which are also provided free of cost which is the bright part of the Gladwev which keeps the brand on the top of the list of choices. The best specification aids the users to migrate their data at a comfortable speed. Hierarchy structure of the files and folders gets maintained during the conversion process of OLM to MBOX which is the biggest advantage for the users.

Secure and a safe file migration with 100% protection is another major characteristic of the software. Non-English content gets converted automatically, and different byte data conversion features are also given which is the complicated process for other similar software tools in the market. The OLM Converter Ultimate also supports emails with massive file attachments.

Gladwev software is a user-friendly and simple to run program which provides accurate solutions to all the data converted during the Email migration of OLM to Apple Mail. So that is why it is one-stop email migration software. It stands confidently to its word as 100% data protection is provided with the assurance of maintaining the hierarchy model of the data.

A UNICODE Data Safety program is another best feature of the Converter which facilitates to convert non-English content files with ease. Other software tools don’t have this feature and skip such files during the procedure of data conversion, and user ends up with the loss of data. The OLM Converter Ultimate is error free and bug-free application as it designed by one of the best professionals in the technical world. Other software might crash or encounter errors causing the session to end and files getting corrupted but OLM Converter Ultimate completes conversion without hindering in between the process.

If OLM to MBOX Freeware gets succeeded to satisfy all your needs, then you can go for its full professional paid versions which have also offered at economical rates by the Gladwev. Various packages and licenses are available for the users. To get more information on different versions of the software click here!

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